PhytoResin by PhytoFamily Review

PhytoResin – Single Source – Full Spectrum – Spectrum Strain (Batch #2) – 500mg

Today, I’m reviewing some PhytoResin by PhytoFamily. I love this brand with all my heart. I think they make awesome CBD isolate and full-spectrum concentrate, so I was excited when I received an email that asked me to try out some of their beta releases. I’ve decided to roll with Batch #2 of their PhytoResin. This stuff is super high on CBG, which can be difficult to find in the market, so I think that this product could be great for people with bladder disorders (definitely click this link if you want to learn more about CBG).

Lab results for Batch #2 resin, showing high CBG content.

Shipping 10/10

Great shipping and payment. I used my credit card and it was fast. Easy. Shipped in a mylar bag earlier than I expected, and it was also wrapped up nicely in some more durable plastic. PhytoFamily also includes a coupon code and heating recommendations with the order too, which I thought was considerate of them.


Appearance – 9.5/10

This stuff looks and feels completely natural. The glob of resin is both thick and dense. The cube has a deep, translucent orange color to it. It reminds me of the amber that traps ancient mosquitoes with dinosaur blood still in their systems from Jurassic Park. I love me some J Park so that’s always cool, bonus points for that, PhytoFamily.


Smell – 10-Jurassic-Park-Mosquitoes/10

Has a weak tangerine scent. Not that this category matters at all.

Taste – 6.5/10

They recommend heating it low, as you can see in the flyer above (no more than 450F). That’s what I did. Tastes very fresh, not harsh at all. It kind of has a yolky-citrus taste. And it’s weirdly good. I think the rig you use vastly changes the taste of the resin. In a smaller rig with minimal water percolation, the taste has a sharp tang to it. In a larger piece with more percolation, the taste is a lot more neutralized — yolky with hints of citrus. And that goes with any rig in terms of taste–the smaller the better. I think that is definitely amplified with this resin. Go for the small rig and it will taste more tangerine-like. But still, I could see some people not liking this flavor, because it can taste like drinking milk after you just brushed your teeth. Especially if your rig is too large or if you don’t heat it up correctly.

Effects – 10/10

Holy heck this stuff is strong. I wrote a journal entry on my first go-around:

  • 10:30pm – I took the resin less than 7 minutes ago. One tiny glob and I am already feeling super relaxed. I feel an acute muscle awareness, and I can feel that I am carrying a lot of stress in my shoulders and neck area. All I can say is that I really want a neck massage now. I might give one to myself or ask my roommate. I would definitely take some of this stuff before doing yoga.
  • 10:35pm – I’m going to do another tiny glob so I can get another taste test in.
  • 10:45pm – I lied. I did two more because I was really trying to lock down that taste. Definitely tastes better in a smaller rig, in my opinion. That yolky taste is a little weird but it gets better over time.
  • 11:10pm – I meant to keep writing but I ended up petting my dog and playing on my phone for the next 25 minutes. It’s safe to say that three or four hits of this stuff and you’ll be pretty sedated, almost couch-locked. I definitely see this being more beneficial in smaller doses if you want to curb that anxiety and still go about your day. Side note, I usually have pretty tight ankles and achilles pain, but that pain has been stifled.

Overall – 8.5/10

I’m giving this stuff a solid 8.5/10. Great packaging from Phytofamily. The taste can throw you off if you don’t like the idea of biting into an overripe grapefruit or something, but it tastes really natural, fresh, and you know that you’re getting some good cannabinoids in this–especially CBG. Effects are incredible and it definitely does the job for my anxiety. I would look into subscribing to PhytoFamily‘s email list because they have sales all the time.



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