Tweedle Farms: AC/DC Review

Packaging/Shipping – 10/10

Just like my last review, Tweedle Farms has mastered the art of packaging and shipping. It comes discreetly in a mylar, air-tight bag, and then vacuum-sealed for extra precaution.

Appearance – 5/10

Tweedle Farms advertises this batch of AC/DC as lightly trimmed, so the colas aren’t entirely bud. There are some stems and some seeds, but not nearly as many as the Otto x Cherry outdoor strain that Tweedle Farms had a couple months ago. A nice even spread of trichomes gives the flower some twinkle, which is always nice to see, but nothing to write home about.

Smell/Taste – 9/10

Like nearly all high CBD strains, AC/DC’s most prominent terpene is myrcene, which gives it an herbal musk akin to hops or lemongrass. The second prominent terpene is a-Farnesene, which is neat since it isn’t a terpene that you will see at such high numbers. Farnesene is most notably found on the skins of apples and serves as a natural insect repellent, but it also gives AC/DC a killer granny smith apple scent as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 3.52.07 PM

Combusting this stuff is a win in my book. It’s very smooth and it retains a lot of its terpene profile when heated up. It almost tastes like candy, with an aftertaste that is very similar to a strain known as Bubblegum. The apple scent also translates to the smoke very well too.

And for all you vaporizer-users, you will find that the taste is even fruitier and the hits are even smoother.


Effects – 8/10

AC/DC will have you feeling focused, but also with a little bit of an indica-couchlock to it. If cannabis and its varieties tends to make you tired, then this might not be the best strain for you if you’re trying to get things done. However, I believe many users will be able to stomach the effects without falling asleep. In my opinion, AC/DC is a great if you are relaxing or doing mundane tasks on your computer, like sending emails or doing your taxes.

In terms of anxiety and depression relief, AC/DC is average (not “bad” — it still provides some relief and euphoria). This strain is probably a little better at pain relief, especially in higher dosages, as you will find your muscles relaxed with a little bit of a body tingle almost immediately. If you suffer from any sort of chronic pain, AC/DC will probably help alleviate your symptoms.

Overall – 8.5/10

AC/DC by Tweedle Farms is a solid strain. I wish it were a little better in the anxiety department, but it is succeeds at pain relief, focusing, and relaxing. In terms of taste, this batch of AC/DC is one of my favorite for high CBD strains. Whether you are looking to try hemp flowers for the first time, or just looking to restock, AC/DC is probably well and good enough to try.

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Tweedle Farms: “Therapy” Review – 10 Terpenes

Tweedle Farms is at it again with a new strain from a sister farm of theirs in Oregon. They call these girls, “Therapy.”

Lab Results

Therapy has 10 terpenes, compare that to TF’s famous Suzy Q strain which only has 7 terpenes. Just like Suzy Q, Therapy is absolutely packed with myrcene (that rich, earthy taste) and caryophyllene (that spice).

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.33.55 AM

The 3 other terpenes that you can find in Therapy (compared to Suzy Q) are:

Bisabolol – also found in chamomile and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Linalool – while only in trace amounts in this batch, this terpene is becoming increasingly researched and has numerous health benefits. Among those are its anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic properties, which is exactly what I use hemp for.

Ocimene – sweet and herby, this terp helps plants defend themselves in the wild and can also be an anti-inflammatory.

Delivery – 10/10


Tweedle Farms has heard the community and they responded. No more sketchy packaging methods. No obvious return addresses. Not only is it delivered in a heat-sealed mylar bag, but it also vacuum-sealed as well. No scent is going to reek from this stealthy package. Best delivery for flower on the market.

Appearance – 7/10


Therapy comes in dense nuggets and they are beautiful. I definitely recommend grinding this strain because it can get sticky if you only use your fingers. Closer inspection reveals some very nice crystalline trichomes. It isn’t quite trimmed to perfection, but I don’t really mind because the bud is so dense anyways. Doesn’t quite get that bright green tint that Suzy Q gets, but overall, a quality looking strain.

Smell – 8/10

For 10 terpenes, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it all seemed to make sense when I finally cracked open the bag. There are so many aromas happening. They all blend together into a herb-berry smoothie, although the myrcene and the caryophyllene cut through. If I could describe it, it would be a spicy blueberry. The spice is extremely sharp at the end of a big sniff. Seriously, if you want some aromatherapy — stick your nose in the bag and you’ll get a kick out of it.

Taste – 8/10

Combustion – Fresh earthy taste with traces of mixed herbs, and with a little bit of kick at the end. Actually a lot of kick at the end. There is definitely a spicy aftertaste, which is probably from the caryophyllene. You can easily mistake this spiciness for being a hard hit, but if you think about it a little, you’ll realize that it’s actually the taste of the bud.

Vapor Test

388 Fahrenheit – Definitely cleaner than combustion, and that caryophyllene is really kicking. This stuff is actually spicy.

430 Fahrenheit – Actually tastes a little hoppy at this temperature, and that caryophyllene is still kicking. Make this stuff into a sauce or something. I seriously need a glass of water after this session.

Effects – 9/10

In low-medium quantities, Therapy is already super sedating. I personally see myself using this strain at the end of the day. It can get a little couch-locky if you aren’t careful and you want to get stuff done on your two feet. From a medical standpoint, I think the anti-anxiety is a little less effective for me compared to Suzy or even Otto. I’m not entirely sure why. I’m also in the process of moving and changing jobs so that could be a big reason too.

Overall – 8.7/10 

Quick aside: Because this stuff is so high on myrcene, it will actually synergize very well with THC. I believe that’s where the myth comes from that says if you eat a mango before smoking, your high will be more intense (because mangoes have a bunch of myrcene as well). If THC is your digg, I recommend doing THC:Therapy on a 1:1 ratio and seeing how much more amplified the psychoactive effects become.

The delivery was phenomenal this go-around. Tweedle Farms has really turned its PR around for the better. The double-sealed packaging and quick delivery are unbeatable.

All in all, Therapy is a great CBD strain. I definitely recommend trying it if you are bored of the same old cherry wine strains that have been flooding the market. It tests high for both myrcene and caryophyllene, but I believe the 8 other terpenes amplify the rich, spiciness factor in this strain as well. TF’s Otto strain actually tests for higher caryophyllene, but for some reason, the spice cuts through in Therapy much more. My only qualm is that I wish the anti-anxiety effects were a little more immediate.  In the future, I’d love to see TF try and make a strain that tests high for linalool to counter this. Regardless, this strain does a fine job at taking the edge off after a long day — it feels great to kick back on the couch and get a good Therapy session in.

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