Tweedle Farms: Otto x Cherry Review

Tweedle Farms has been getting a lot of traction lately–and I have to say–they deserve it. They are a small industrial CBD hemp farm from Oregon doing big things for CBD flower fans around the US. A few weeks ago, they had a promotion deal and I was able to snag 1 oz. of their Otto x Cherry strains. Let’s jump right into the content.

Delivery: 7/10

A fair amount of people have been giving Tweedle Farms some criticism about their delivery methods. I personally didn’t have a problem. I received two separate half oz. bags in a discreet cardboard box. I couldn’t smell anything, which was nice. They also provided a legal statement and their lab tests, which is an industry responsibility when it comes to shipping flower. I have heard rumors of them shipping with dryer sheets lately, which is the worst idea since M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender Part 2. The Tweedle Folks are active within the community though, and they have announced that they won’t do that anymore. Shipping this stuff can already feel sketchy enough as it is.

Appearance/Presentation – 4/10

Pretty much just looks like outdoor mids. The pictures say it all, although I do need to invest in a better camera. I will say, these outdoor strains are seedy as hell.

Smell – 7/10

Right when you open the bag, the strain gives your nostrils a gentle love tap. It almost smells like those translucent 99 cent gummy worms that you can buy at gas stations. That might not be the most appealing thing for some people, but I used to love those as a kid. I would buy a candle of this scent.

Taste – 5/10

Average taste and definitely nothing to write home about. I tried vaping this strain in a variety of temperatures, from 380 to 430 to combustion, just so I could taste for different terpenes. Honestly, I couldn’t unlock any distinct tastes at different temperatures — all around this hemp will taste the same no matter how you vape or smoke it. That quality is almost something I have come to expect when it comes to outdoor CBD strains, so I’m not too surprised about that. I really wish I could get a little more of that natural cherry taste that is so dominant in CBD strains. The cherry taste is there, but it’s like eating Taco Bell without sauce. I need that sauce at the end to carry me home. My friend from across the state also bought this same strain from Tweedle Farms and absolutely despises the taste when it is vaporized in his PAX. Keep that in mind if you are considering this strain. I am not super opinionated on it, so YMMV.

Effects – 8.5/10

Great effects. This stuff clears my anxiety in a pinch — and that is the number one reason why I consume industrial hemp. Upon consumption, my head clears up, that gaping feeling of doom leaves, and I don’t even want to look at depressing memes (sorry /r/2meirl4meirl). That’s a win in my book every time. I steeped the extra trimmings into a tea, and even got a little fancy with a lemon. I could drink that tea every night for the rest of my life and be a happy man.

Tea and March Madness with the guys

Overall 8/10

For its value, Tweedle Farms Otto x Cherry strain is definitely the best bang for your buck. Sign up for my email list and you’ll get a 10% off coupon code!


  • Cheap
  • Clears anxiety and depression really well
  • Mild euphoria is nice
  • Makes a great tea


  • Can be a little seedy
  • Taste is nothing special


That same friend who hated the Otto x Cherry bought a half oz. of Tweedle Farms Suzy Q and absolutely loves it. I had the pleasure of trying some of it myself when I went to visit him the other day and I have to say–it knocks the Otto x Cherry out of the park. If you have some extra money, definitely go for one of their greenhouse strains if you are considering buying your flower from them (and you should definitely take advantage of that 10% discount code by signing up for the email list!)


For the lazy:

You guys can reach Tweedle Farms by clicking this link.


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